Lobby do copyright condena Governos que promovem Software Livre

Ainda não tive tempo para traduzir essa notícia, mas não poderia deixar de postar: um influente grupo lobista está pedindo que o governo norteamericano considere o software livre equivalente à pirataria -- e o Brasil pode estar na mira.

"It turns out that the International Intellectual Property Alliance, an umbrella group for organisations including the MPAA and RIAA, has requested with the US Trade Representative to consider countries like Indonesia, Brazil and India for its "Special 301 watchlist" because they use open source software.

What's Special 301? It's a report that examines the "adequacy and effectiveness of intellectual property rights" around the planet - effectively the list of countries that the US government considers enemies of capitalism. It often gets wheeled out as a form of trading pressure - often around pharmaceuticals and counterfeited goods - to try and force governments to change their behaviours." (Fonte: The Guardian)

"A MAFIAA CABAL called the International Intellectual Property Alliance, which is an umbrella group for the entertainment cartels such as the MPAA and RIAA, has demanded that Indonesia, Brazil and India should be placed on a special trade watchlist merely because they recommend the use of open source software.
Apparently the outfit has been leaning on the US Trade Representative to consider those nations for its "Special 301 watchlist", which is supposed to list all those nations who are enemies of capitalism." (Fonte: The Inquirer)

"University of Edinburgh law lecturer Andres Guadamuz wrote a blog entry this week highlighting some particularly troubling aspects of the IIPA's 301 recommendations. The organization has condemned Indonesia and several other countries for encouraging government adoption of open source software. According to the IIPA, official government endorsements of open source software create "trade barriers" and restrict "equitable market access" for software companies." (Fonte: Ars Technica)

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